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    "Find your balance and rediscover yourself"


    Hello and welcome to my site! As a nutritionist and wellness expert, I seek to always keep it real. By only offering my clients educated, current, and thoughtful nutrition advice. I can provide you with a practical approach to achieving even your most dreamiest health goals.

    As a nutritionist and counselor, I provide medical nutrition therapy to individuals experiencing a variety of acute and chronic diseases. My nutrition philosophy and guidance takes a holistic approach in which I view the body as a collection of systems integrated together. What I ultimately seek to address is the root of imbalance rather than merely just its symptoms. With the right blend of food, nutraceuticals, and mindfulness, I look to restore your personal balance again.  

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    ~    Kristin 

    Work With Me

    I commonly provide nutrition guidance in the following health conditions : 

    •  Digestive issues such as IBS, SIBO, inflammatory bowel disease, reflux, and leaky gut 

    •  Weight loss strategies personalized to you and your physiological needs

    • Mindful eating practices and appetite awareness for binge eating and weight control

    • Blood sugar and diabetic control with or without carbohydrate counting

    •  Heart health, blood cholesterol levels, and blood pressure control

    • Nutraceuticals and diet consideration for brain health and neurodegeneration

    •  Skin conditions such as cystic acne, eczema, psoriasis, and mysterious rashes

    •  Autoimmune conditions such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and PCOS

    • Osteoporosis, bone health, and muscle building

    Discover Weight Loss

    Safe and sustainable weight loss requires thoughtful consideration and planning. Meet with me for a personalized approach to discover and maintain a body weight ideal for you. Together, we will establish realistic goals and devise a strategy that fits your biology and practically suits your lifestyle. Together we will set you up for success.

    Cultivate Digestive Health

    One in three people in the US today have a digestive disorder in which its cause can present as misinformed and ineffectively treated. I can demystify your digestive condition and provide a practical nutrition approach which seeks to address the problem and guides you toward cultivating your optimal digestive function.

    Conquer a Chronic Condition

    Today we are more commonly afflicted with chronic diseases than infectious ones. Meet with me to explore nutrition approaches which can actively treat your condition. I can provide practical solutions to cardiac, blood sugar, autoimmune, musculoskeletal, and neurologic issues. Together we can work to address the imbalance and guide you towards your new normal.​

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