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    About Kristin 

    My name is Kristin Tsorotes, and I am a nutrition and wellness expert. I provide consultations in person, by skype or phone sessions, which is great because worldwide I can spread the power of nutrition and wellness in living a healthier and happier life. 


    As a nutritionist and counselor, I provide nutrition therapy to individuals experiencing a variety of acute and chronic diseases. My nutrition philosophy and guidance takes a holistic approach in which I view the body as a collection of systems integrated together. What I ultimately seek to address is the root of imbalance rather than merely just its symptoms. With the right blend of food, nutraceuticals, and mindfulness, I look to restore your personal balance again.  


    Guiding others towards regaining their balance, is my true purpose and passion in life. I am always inspired to witness human capacity for change and positive growth.  I am grateful I can empower others to rediscover their balance, their health, and their vitality again.  

    Since becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in 2010, I have worked clinically for a number of hospital systems in New York City and Massachusetts, developed nutrition and public health programs for public and private entities, and directed a functional nutrition program for Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts.  Academic accomplishments include, a Master of Public Health in Health Policy and Management from the University of Massachusetts, a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, both from the University of Connecticut.